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“As a chef on a private yacht for the last 24 years it is always a pleasure to discover new and creative cuisine. The warm & healing space of the Living / Raw Food Cafe in Nai Harn on the Island of Phuket  is an Oasis that offers a truly enlightening & enlivening dining experience, here flavors & life force energy explode on the palate to both satisfy & energize the body & spirit.”

Kurt Doldinger
Executive Chef “ Jamaica Bay”

“Living Food Cafe” the only Raw Food Restaurant in Phuket

Living Food Cafe is a haven in Phuket, Thailand for those looking for delicious fresh imaginative Raw Vegan Cuisine. We also offer fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, wheatgrass juice, and delicious tonics.   We use organic as much as we can get it. All the produce is washed in pure water with ozone to insure its cleanliness. We dehydrate our own fruits, vegetables and other ingredients to add to our gourmet recipes. Lunch or dinner at Living Food Cafe is a pleasure and a feast for all of the senses.

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For those of you who have not yet experienced in the benefits of Raw / Living Food the following information is offered as an introduction. The best introduction is to come and try it for yourself. Our café is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for Lunch daily and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for Dinner Wed thru Sunday.

Why Raw Food?

The moment that a fruit or vegetable is harvested, it starts to undergoe change in it’s chemical and nutritive make up. The fresher a fruit or vegetable is, the higher it’s nutritive content. When you cook food a huge percentage of available nutrient is destroyed, and its chemical make-up is altered, in essence stripping the food of the very nutrients that your body is requesting when it signals hunger to your mind and stomach. Nutrient stripped food does not satisfy the body’s hunger, leading to overeating and dissatisfaction with food for many people. But there are also much greater consequences.

Wellness House CafeIn order for the eliminative systems and organs of the body to function optimally a person must eat at least an 80% alkaline diet. The majority of alkaline foods are fruits and vegetables. The majority of acid foods are animal products, such as meat and dairy, or processed foods that have been heated (as in cooked), ground and separated, and/or have added sugar, salt, preservatives, stabilizers, colorings and other additives. If acidic foods are the greater part of the diet, elimination from the bowels, lymph, kidneys, respiration and skin becomes sluggish, allowing a build up of toxins to collect in the organs and tissues of the body. This ultimately leads to unpleasant symptoms and chronic dis-ease.

Eating raw food is like giving yourself high-octane fuel so that your body can be energized, run efficiently, cleanse efficiently, think clearly and work out toxins so that health and beauty can be a reality instead of a distant goal. On a cleansing program a 100% alkaline diet is a necessity to get maximum results from the cleanse. A cleansing diet treats food like medicine, using food to assist the body in healing and rejuvenation. A wonderful aspect of this is that Raw / Living Food also tastes good.

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